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What is the goal of the sessions? 

The aim of the consultations is to help caring adults gain insight and to get them into the driver’s seat in effecting change in the home or the classroom. The focus is on making sense of the underlying roots of the problem, the impediments to growth, and how adults can best intervene.

When kids get stuck, it is insight into underlying emotions, interpreting behaviour, and making sense of them overall that matters most. We cannot make headway towards lasting change when we do not first seek to consider the roots of the problem. It is never too late to build and repair relationships with our kids. Sometimes finding the way through starts with accepting the futility in trying the same things over and over with little result.


Issues addressed

I assist with a variety of issues, including child-adult relationship, aggression, anxiety, grief and loss, attention problems, defiance and oppositionality, emotional health, and other parenting challenges from common childhood problems to more complex issues.  I also love to meet with preventatively - before problems occur. 


Who should come to a session?

The consultation is aimed at the helping adults involved with a child. I do not work directly with the child or the adolescent, but rather empower the adults in their lives to make the changes that will restore, deepen, and maintain the relationships children need in order to thrive. It is not recommended that you tell a child or teen you are seeking assistance as it may exacerbate underlying dynamics.


Where do the sessions take place?

Consultations are available in person through at-home or at-school visits. For on-site sessions, I offer services in the greater Montreal area and its surroundings. I can also meet with you by phone or via on-line video-conferencing (Skype, FaceTime).


What can I do to prepare for a session? 

Prior to a first session, please feel free to send me a brief paragraph outlining your concerns and questions.


How long is a consultation?

Sessions typically run for an hour. Additional time is given for the first meeting (around 90 min).


Are sessions covered by insurance? 

As a licensed OPQ Psychotherapist, I can provide a receipt for insurance purposes. Currently, some group insurance policies will reimburse at least part of the costs of psychotherapy. Please verify if your insurance policy covers services offered by a Psychotherapist (some policies only accept receipts from a Psychologist). It is important to read your insurance policy carefully to understand the terms and conditions for reimbursement of the costs of psychological services, specifically to verify if the services must be rendered by a psychologist registered to the membership roll of the Ordre des psychologues du Quebec or by a psychotherapist who holds a permit of psychotherapist. Consulting fees are also tax deductible. They can be added to other health costs not covered by public health.


Cancellation policy 

Please provide 24 hours advance notice when cancelling or changing your appointment time (potential fees may apply).

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Consultations provided both in English and French




Child development

Adolescent challenges

Child-adult relationship


Neufeld Approach

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Who is the consultation geared towards?

I consult with parents, step-parents, foster parents, extented family, schools, daycares, social service agencies, professionals, and private groups and organizations. My consultations are geared towards children and adolescents.

Walking the maze


Parenting is a challenging job on the best days, but it becomes even more difficult when things aren’t working for our children. To make matters worse, parents today are bombarded by an overabundance of “solutions” to their child’s behaviour problems. Let me help you walk the maze of parenting.

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