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"Parenting is not about what we do, but rather who we are to our children."

- Dr Gordon Neufeld 

Meet Catherine

She is a Montreal-based Psychotherapist and parenting consultant, who has more than fifteen years of experience working regularly with youth. As a mother and clinician, Catherine consults with a deeper understanding of parenting dynamics and everyday life application. She is committed in assisting parents gain insight into their children's behaviour and get back in touch with their natural parenting intuition.

My Approach
My approach is unique in many ways: I start from the premise that you know your child best. By walking the maze of parenting, we can work together to help you uncover your inner wisdom.
Neufeld Paradigm

The Neufeld Institute provides education and training to adults involved with children and youth based on the attachment-based, developmental model created by the psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld.

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